May 28, 2011

saturdays, family-style

The work week is challenging on our schedules and our stomachs.  We're busy, and it shows in our diets (and our messy house).  Saturday mornings are reserved for slow, easy family time.  Sometimes that's just staying in our pajamas until noon.  Sometimes it includes a walk to our favorite places.  Most every time it means the search for good food.  One recent Saturday we hit the jackpot.  Our brood of five visited three different places, all boasting delicious, healthy, local products.  The best part?  We didn't have to travel more than a couple miles total.

Here are the highlights:

The Produce Place, which features a bounty of local, organic and otherwise delicious foods, was holding their annual strawberry festival.  Here are two of the eager taste testers, Anna Banana and Sonny Bunny (at 12, don't think I can call him that much longer).

Free sample, indeed, and so much more than water to taste.

Mini shortcakes were the perfect way to sample the guest of honor, strawberries. 

Anna Banana loved the ice pop samples from a new vendor, Chilly Pops, which I just learned more about this week.  Her pick?  Strawberry, naturally.

Love, love, love. The folks at Olive & Sinclair couldn't be nicer, and their chocolate is really something special.  I paired their chocolate with marshmallows from Bang Candy Company to make a fancy s'mores gift basket for a visiting relative.

These little bees are responsible for making Tru Bee Honey, which we're really enjoying.  I'm ready to try some with peaches and a soft cheese from The Bloomy Rind, our area's supplier of delicious cheeses.

Sonny Bunny was VERY adult while drinking his coffee sample. 
My guess = 10% coffee, 40% cream, 50% sugar.

The rainy day didn't dampen our experience.  Anna Banana never turns down ice cream.
We loved visiting The Produce Place, and even ran into a friend.

You'll just have to take my word that we had a fun time at the West Nashville Farmers Market.  The rain poured down, and photos just weren't possible on top of juggling eggs, empanadas and the cauliflower that made a cameo in my last post.

Also on our morning agenda - a stop to pick up our CSA share.  We switched to Fresh Harvest this year, and we like that we can shop online each week for only the items we want.

Little Pistachio didn't make it into any of our photos because he was behind the camera with me. But he had a great time and can't wait until he's old enough to eat with us. 
But just to make sure you get a day's worth of cuteness:

It's a baby in a wheelbarrow!

Here's our bounty from the morning.  I think we did pretty well!

I wish every Saturday could be like this.  Today, Saturday means laundry and Cheerios.  We do what we can, when we can.  What's your Saturday morning like?

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  1. I'm totally in love with hot dogs, too! Unfortunately, we found that they're one of the triggers of my husbands migraines--anything with nitrates or sodium nitrites is--so we had to cut them out of our eating entirely =/