July 22, 2011

apparently blogs are hard work

This blogging stuff is hard.  Finding the time is hard.  Finding inspiration is hard.  Finding my voice is hard.  Remembering to take pictures of food before I devour it?  Really hard.  Self-editing? Impossibly hard. 

I've realized that perfecting recipes and taking gorgeous photos is just not going to happen.  It's not me, and I don't have time to do things that aren't me.  I barely have time to breathe these days.  That doesn't mean I'm giving up.  It just means there may be some ridiculous posts between now and me finding my voice.  My real voice, which is I think not too different than others like me, whose life includes work, kids and trying to keep a head above water.  I hope that's the voice you'd like to hear. And really, what could be more ridiculous than someone blogging about preparing jarred spaghetti sauce?  I hope that means the worst has already happened.  I also hope you'll come back.  Tell me when I'm clever.  Even more, tell me when I'm not.  Like it or not, if you're reading this you're part of my process.  Ha!  Caught you. 

I had ice cream at lunch today.  Probably going to do it again at dinner.  Hope you do something equally frivolous this weekend.


  1. commenting!!

    i think maybe you put too much pressure on yourself to blog about only food, like you mentioned.

    i'd LOVE to hear about work, kids, how you manage to be super successful with kids, sylvan park, ylc ;)


    you can do it girl, your readers are rooting for you!

  2. When I started, it was seriously "this is what I ate today" because people were always asking me what I eat. It evolved from there. It's still not great; I don't have a lot of time or the inclination to do a lot of new stuff, but I like having my little blog. :)

  3. You are brilliant and dynamic woman who should probably give herself some grace. Post about anything you'd like to post about and don't worry about who is reading it, or worse - what their judgments are. Write what makes you happy and write with passion and you can't go wrong.