April 25, 2012

on love and nachos

I work in PR and marketing, and while I take especially good care of my clients, I haven't exactly done so well branding myself.  Here I'm 'an organic process,' and on Twitter I'm @loveandnachos.  And I do LOVE nachos.  But that would be a misleading blog title, no? It might make you think it's a blog about nachos.  And while I could easily name nachos among my most favorite foods, I eat many more things than that and you probably want to read about more things than that.  Even so, I'm not sure my existing blog title is a perfect fit.  Should I change it?

Back to nachos. I'm on the wagon right now, so there will be no eating of the nachos for awhile (or until I jump off the wagon toward the scent of melted cheese).  This makes me sad.  In fact, it makes me so sad that there should be a song about it.  You know how it's all been done?  Well, this is no exception.  And, my friends, it's brilliant.

H/T to my pal Chris, who made me aware of this video. Side note: Chris wrote a book. Pre-order it.

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