August 28, 2012

California culinary crawl - what should I eat?

One of my closest, loyalest, funnest, awesomest, bestest friends in the world moved to Santa Monica a little more than two years ago.  We've remained close, and she's kind enough to return to Nashville every so often so I can hug her neck.  Next month, it's my turn to visit her.  I am beyond excited for this getaway.

My friend and I are grand eating buddies.  Her affection for nachos matches mine.  Needless to say, my itinerary for this trip will be built around where and what we want to eat (and drink).

But I need help.  I haven't been to southern California since I was 11 years old, so I don't have any firsthand experience with the culinary scene there. 

A few notes: I'm not interested in fancy meals.  I don't want foam on my plate.  I want to try authentic ethnic food.  I want to try street food.  However, I'm not interested in adventurous proteins.  I want to eat all the desserts.  I want to do touristy things, but the touristy things that the cool kids do.  We'll be in the following areas: Santa Monica, San Diego, West Hollywood, Malibu.

So, what should I eat?

Until then, counting the days.

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