December 27, 2012

cranberry crush - gingered cranberries in bourbon

Let's be honest.  I've had this blog post ready(ish) since Thanksgiving, but I'm a crappy blogger and crappy bloggers don't get posts up in time for words like 'festive' and 'seasonal' and 'holiday favorites' to still be timely or relevant.  I also don't really have a recipe.  And the photos are from my iPhone.  Ignore all that.  You need to make this drink anyway.

I have very strong feelings about cranberries.  I've talked about this before.  I also have many, many feelings about cocktails.  And by combining the two I may have just hit the jackpot.  This cocktail is what got me through my first ever Thanksgiving turkey attempt.  This cocktail also made me dissolve into a fit of giggles whilst spatchcocking the turkey with my husband. C'mon - it's a funny word.

If you simply need it to be timely and relevant, line the rim with Pop Rocks and it's a fantastic New Year's Eve cocktail.  (But really, don't do that.  That's gross.)

I invented this brilliant, tasty little number while trying (and failing) to make gorgeous sugared cranberries to adorn the cranberry brownies I baked.  I am a square peg, and the pretty, picture perfect baking/cooking/photography getting blog is the round hole.  So I threw the cranberries into some bourbon instead.  Voila! 

Basically, I soaked fresh cranberries in a simple syrup infused with fresh ginger.  I used some of those cranberries to try to do the sugared thing.  If you want to know how to do that, search other blogs & follow their instructions, as I don't know what I'm doing.  Here's what mine looked like.

not so pretty.
But. But!  I found that the longer the cranberries soaked in that ginger syrup the better they tasted.  And in the midst of spatchcocking (heh.) the turkey, I needed an adult beverage.  And the cranberry crush was born and it was a beautiful thing. 

Cranberry Crush
makes one drink

crushed or cubed ice
cranberries soaked in ginger simple syrup
club soda or water

Fill glass halfway with crushed ice.  Add one ounce of bourbon, two tablespoons of the ginger syrup, and about five cranberries.  Top with a splash of club soda or water.  Sip & enjoy.

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  1. this sounds - and looks! - like my kinda' cocktail. yum!